Consisting of advanced professionals and experts, Topsolar R&D team boasts rich working experience with famous universities and key laboratories of internationally super-large photovoltaic enterprises, as well as major scientific achievements. Moreover, Topsolar has introduced many postgraduate students from famous domestic universities for conducting learning-production-research cooperation and technical research and development. By virtue of the scientific advantages of shanghai Jiaotong University and under the aim of mutual project development and talent cultivation, Topsolar has greatly improved its R&D capacity as far as production, research and transformation of scientific achievements.

Municipal Level Technical Center

In 2007, Topsolar technical center was appraised as Municipal Level Technical Center.

Shanghai Jiaoda Joint Photovoltaic Technology Laboratory

In 2006, Shanghai Jiaoda Joint Photovoltaic Technology Laboratory was jointly established by Shanghai Electric Group and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

R&D Facilities

Topsolar has invested heavily in purchase of ECV, spectral response tester, integral reflectometer, profiler, Spec Ellipsometer, atom force microscope and other cutting-edge R&D instrument.

Many utility models and patents of invention

Topsolar has undertaken many R&D projects such as renewable energy project, national torch program by China National Development and Reform Commission, and Shanghai Municipal Science Commission and Economy Commission, and has obtained many utility models and patents of invention.


Crystalline silicon cell:

The production cost of cell is further reduced by ultra thin silicon wafer, enhanced transformation efficiency of cell, and localized & self-made production facilities. The quality of silicon wafer is well under control through the extensive and expanded production lines to the silicon wafer cutting or the strategic alliance with the silicon wafer suppliers.

Silicon-based film:

Cooperating with international well-known corporations, we develop high speed production facilities and technologies on uc-Si:H, and gradually develop the two–segment and three-segment film cells, with localized and self-made facilities.

Module products:

Leveraged by optimal design process & system for module products, we offer BIPV module development, module reliability research, failure analysis and test methods established for module components, and new module material development, as well as RoTH-complied module manufacture technologies, and encapsulation technology development for slim cell module, aiming to establish an international-level platform for electrical performance and safety tests for solar cell modules.

System integration:

e.g. gradual realization of a product service structure with the system integration as its operation orientation, design practice & database establishment, design tools establishment, meteorological data, cell category Vs region, and selection of electric power modules Vs application demands Vs cost.