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The CFMEU claims money still owing to construction workers who carried out work on Australia's largest solar plant

2015-07-13 10:40:52

The union says it's already recovered a backpay of 550-thousand dollars for work on the Nyngan Solar Farm from companies including American First Solar and WHBO

Dave Kelly from the CFMEU said there's still money owing, but isn't sure of the exact amount.

The Union's Dave Kelly says there are still local contractors who haven't paid workers and the union's trying to recover those funds.

"We just want to nail this once and for all, the job is all but finished and we want to make sure that as we close the door on the project that all workers are being paid" he said.

He said workers deserve to be paid.

"We were forced in a position where we had to take it through the commissions, but we've recovered the backpay."

"We're having difficulty just getting to the end game and making sure everyone is being paid" he said.

The CFMEU is calling for audits on companies who aren't paying construction workers properly.

"We understand there are some local contractors who have been operating on the job, who weren't meeting their obligations at law."

The company WHBO has declined to comment.

In a statement First Solar said it's the responsibility of its subcontractors to ensure the appropriate workers are engaged to complete each phase.

First Solar said it takes its commitment to industrial relations and workplace health and safety obligations very seriously.

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By Tahmina Ansari

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