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Solar farm approval granted three-year extension

2015-11-26 09:30:57


The proposed 120-hectare farm at Manildra has been approved since 2011 but has been delayed because of changes to government policy and a lack of funding.

Infigen Energy has been granted a three-year extension for its approval by the New South Wales Planning Department.

The spokeswoman Anna Cain said this would allow time to get interested parties on board now that investor confidence was on the rise.

"This conversation's really changed from when I talk to all different stakeholders, trying to cut through well what do different comments mean or what does the review of the Renewable Energy Target mean," Ms Cain said.

"We're working pretty hard to get it up.

"It just means that there's more of a chance of the project going ahead, given that the market needs to recover from some of the situations over the last few years."

The company says it has modified its plans to improve the project's viability.

Infigen Energy originally planned to use fixed panels but says it will now build panels that track the sun.

"The panels actually follow the sun throughout the day, becoming more and more compelling, so the modifications have meant that we can use updated technology like tracking," she said.

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